Heating in Lincoln Park

What to Do When Your Car’s Heating Isn’t Working

For Lincoln Park residents, few problems are scarier than dealing with sudden mechanical failure in your car or truck. When it comes to your car’s heating and cooling systems, there’s reason enough to be worried: can you imagine waking up on a Monday morning to a car overheating and smoking right before your eyes?

Sadly, if your car’s heating and cooling functions aren’t in a good state of repair, this vision could become a reality. Even worse is the prospect of no heat at all heading into a bitter Lincoln Park winter. But if this scenario is happening to you, don’t fret. Keep calm and call Downriver Spring Service. Many of the most common issues with your car’s heating system are easily fixed, and you can even do a little troubleshooting at home. Read this guide to find out what to do when your car’s heater isn’t working.

Don’t Panic, Call a Mechanic

Seriously, don’t! A failure in your car’s heating system is not often a life-or-death matter. You should call a mechanic near you as soon as you can, but it’s not so urgent you need to drop whatever you’re doing. The next step is to assess what is wrong with the heating.

Pinpoint What is Wrong With the Heating With These Three Scenarios

Not all heating problems are alike. Each of these three common automotive heating problems will need a different fix. To be certain, have a mechanic from Downriver Spring Service take a look at it.

Car Heating Not Working

In the dead of winter, this problem can be pretty alarming. Temperatures in a car can easily drop to meet the ambient temperature outside—and here in Lincoln Park, those aren’t ones you’d want to endure for more than fifteen minutes or so!

If no sound if coming from your heating system at all, odds are the issue is with your car’s compressor. Weak or inconsistent heat may be due to an electric problem. Either way, you can’t drive in the dead of winter without heat, so bring your vehicle into Downriver Spring Service for heating repair!

Car Overheating When Idle

This often signals a coolant problem. While it’s uncomfortable, if it IS a coolant problem, that means it’s one of the cheapest car heating issues to fix. But this may also be caused by a broken fan belt, which can be more expensive to heat.

So why would this issue only show up when idle? Because when your car is at rest, there’s no additional air moving through the radiator, dispersing the heat. Bring your vehicle into Downriver Spring Service’s garage for a parts check and coolant refill.

Car Overheating and Smoking

This signals a DANGEROUS problem with your car’s engine temperature regulation. If you see this sign, please shut your vehicle off immediately. You don’t need to call a tow truck, but you should have someone come examine your vehicle before turning it back on again.

Don’t be tempted to take a look under the hood. The coolant mixture may be scalding hot, and touching any of the metal components of your car could give you a nasty burn. Instead, call a mechanic near you in Lincoln Park straight away.Call Downriver Spring Service!

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