Wheel Alignment in Lincoln Park

One of the most common pieces of advice that a parent or teacher probably tried to impart on you as a child in Lincoln Park was to stay on the right track. While this is somewhat of a vague term, it usually is believed to stand for working hard, doing the right thing and, most importantly, staying out of trouble. And while there is no doubt that advice about staying on the right track is usually sound advice, the reality is that in the driving world this term has a far more practical purpose.

Offering a superior wheel alignment service that is guaranteed to keep your vehicle on the right track in Lincoln Park, Downriver Spring Service offers wheel alignment work of the highest possible standard. Being passionate and committed about what we do means that we will never take any shortcuts in the pursuit of wheel alignment perfection for your vehicle. This means that you can rest assured that after a visit to us, your vehicle will be 100% aligned.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Downriver Spring Service today and allow us to get your vehicle operating to its highest possible standard in no time at all. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Importance of Wheel Alignment?

While often overlooked in comparison to other more high-scale car maintenance issues, wheel alignment is an essential part of ensuring that your car or truck is as roadworthy as possible. Our superior wheel alignment service will ensure that your vehicle travels in a straight line, for an overall smoother ride.

Our certified and highly skilled team of professionals are here to make sure that your wheels are both in good shape and super-synchronized with one another. Depending on your vehicle size, style and type, we will offer services including thrust alignment, two-wheel alignment and four-wheel alignment.

All members of our mechanical team are professionally trained and certified and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to your vehicle’s wheel alignment issues.

Signs Your Vehicle May Not Be Aligned Correctly

As an experienced driver in Lincoln Park, you don’t need us at Downriver Spring Service to tell you that there is something wrong with the wheel alignment of your vehicle. It is often the case that you will notice that something isn’t quite right, but you may not realize that it is an alignment issue.

Three signs that your car needs an alignment include:

  1. Steering wheel is off-center: If you are driving on a straight, flat road and notice that your steering wheel is not perfectly straight then it is clear that you have a problem.
  2. Vehicle is pulling in one direction or another: Vehicle pull is a clear indication that your wheel alignment may not be operating optimally and may need to be fixed.
  3. Loose Handling: Again, loose handling is a clear sign that the wheel alignment in your vehicle isn’t working correctly
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