Southgate Heating and A/C Installation and Repair

The heating and cooling systems in your automobile are your primary sources for comfort during any length of trip. When the heat, or the air conditioning begins to fail, you feel it when you’re driving. Hot days become sweltering, and cold days become unbearable. Adding to the discomfort of malfunctioning temperature controls, is the difficulty in fixing them. Both heating and A/C are comprised of an impressive amount of tubes and hardware, and locating specific problems can be very difficult. That’s where we come in, at Downriver Spring & Complete Car Care, we have professionals with years of experience solving all sorts of automotive related problems, including temperature controls.

How Do I Know If My Heating or A/C Needs Repair?

Our Approach to A/C and Heating Repairs

Keeping Your Vehicle Comfortable

Fixing your own air conditioning or heating systems is impossible for anybody without the requisite vehicle knowledge. Not to mention that temperature control systems change significantly from vehicle to vehicle. With Downriver Spring & Complete Car Care, Southgate car and truck drivers have an air conditioning and heating repair and installation service that is the highest quality. Our mechanics have years of experience, and our rates are as cost effective as possible. For service that is second to none, call us today at (313) 928-4208.

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