Southgate Leaf Spring Repair

Leaf springs are an important factor in most suspension systems. Driving a vehicle hard, however, can result in bent, or even broken leaf springs. Often times, a leaf spring can simply be bent back into place as long as it isn’t too damaged, and the right equipment is available. When Southgate drivers feel that they need leaf spring repairs, they contact Downriver Spring & Complete Car Care for comprehensive repair, and replacement services.

How Do I Know If My Leaf Springs Need Attention?

It can be difficult to tell when a leaf spring needs to be replaced. The most common sign of a wear is to see your vehicle begin to sag at the back. If your truck is forward leaning under normal circumstances, then seeing it become level may be a sign of deterioration. Other signs of leaf spring deterioration include:

Leaf Spring Maintenance and Replacement

At Downriver Spring & Complete Car Care, we are able to analyze leaf springs accurately to establish whether they need to simply be bent and maintained to restore working order, or if they need to be completely replaced. Either way, our expert mechanics are able to complete the job quickly, and efficiently.

Bringing Leaf Springs Back to Life

When the leaf springs on your vehicle begin to fail, it can result in a bumpy ride, and a lop-sided car or truck. Even worse, if they snap, they can result in a tire explosion and leave you sitting stranded in the middle of the highway. Preventing catastrophic failure, and maintaining leaf springs before problems happen is important to the continued optimal operation of your vehicle. That is why Southgate drivers contact Downriver Spring & Complete Car Care. We are the professionals that you need to keep your car on the road, and driving smoothly.

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